The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela arises with the discovery of the Tomb of Santiago el Mayor during the reign of Alfonso II (792-842). The tenth and eleventh centuries show an increasing number of pilgrims and it is in the 12th century under the wise promotion of Archbishop Diego Gelmírez that Compostela becomes the aim of Christian pilgrimage on the same level as Rome and Jerusalem.

The first Cathedral was built on the Tomb of Santiago and gradually the city of Compostela was born around it; In the same way it happened with the pilgrimage route because along the way there are houses of welcome, medical and spiritual assistance.
The El Camino de Santiago app is an excellent option to make the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage virtually from your mobile device, and it is a complement for a personal training too.

It is very easy to use, you can make the route walking, on horseback or by bicycle, you can communicate with other pilgrims, know your location and enjoy the landscapes in a three-dimensional way during your path.

This application will serve like a support for pilgrims who decide to make the way of Santiago in person, it will be your best companion throughout the way.

Technology and faith come together to help you make the Camino de Santiago from your mobile device.

Through the Camino de Santiago, you will find a way full of historical monuments, medieval castles and a reunion with yourself.

The French Way is one of the favorites of the pilgrims and it is also the ideal path made by the beginners. Born in France, it saves the Pyrenees and it crosses the Iberian Peninsula from east to west. Access to Galicia for the legendary climb to O Cebreiro.

The Camino de Santiago is an experience that the whole family can enjoy, both the biggest and the smallest.

Did you know that there are approximately 50 different routes to experience the Camino de Santiago? No matter which one you decide to take, in the end they all will make you live a unique experience and bring you joy and hope.

«A path planted with numerous manifestations of fervor, repentance, hospitality, art and culture, which speaks eloquently to us of the spiritual roots of the Old Continent.» -Benedict XVI

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